IT Staffing


We are unique due to our wide network of contacts all over the world. We have excellent local recruiters lead by Business Development VP, Marc Kaplan, looking for the best talent. We provide candidates with vast knowledge of state of the art technology. Our engineers are familiar with today's most advanced environments. They are highly motivated and are extraordinary productive. You will not have to wait for years to see the results. Our people are productive immediately.

Background & Reference Checks

Our HR professionals conduct detailed reference and background information research for every potential candidate. We take care of all immigration procedures (H1-B visa) and relocation if necessary.

Skills Assessment

In order to provide the best match for our client’s requirements, we ensure an in-depth technical skill evaluation of all of our candidates. Our technology recruiters conduct technical interviews in order to seek out the most qualified professionals to our customers. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Direct and Contracted job Placement

Our employees work successfully for the largest US corporations. Most of our candidates do not have geographical preferences and will work at any location where you need them most. They are happy to travel or work extra time.

Job Search services

Our Information Technology Recruiters will identify top quality IT professionals with the software and hardware expertise to help develop and maintain technology infrastructures of your high performing organization.